Who is Legal Joe?

Maybe the question should be “What is Legal Joe” because it is intended to be a place, not a person.  MyLegalJoe.com was started by Joe O’Keefe, a practicing attorney.

But MyLegalJoe.com is NOT part of Joe’s legal practice.  It is NOT affiliated with his law firm. (click to read disclaimer).  Instead it is general legal information for people who do not have a lawyer in the family, or that friend of a friend who is a lawyer, willing to listen.  Most lawyers will tell you that since law school, family members and friends (and sometime even random people) have general questions — and often a short conversation while at a picnic or a ballgame provides clarity to them.  Many times people are just looking for a sounding board.  MyLegalJoe.com is that sounding board.

MyLegalJoe.com provides one place where legal information is available for visitors.  And unlike some sites, MyLegalJoe.com is a two way street, providing a forum for you to submit questions to be answered on the MyLegalJoe.com podcast.

Thanks for stopping by, and let us know if you have a question or even a comment on what we can do to improve.